Rules of engagement - 5 tips for negotiating success

Articulate Your Needs - We will work with you to help you define your preferred conditions, desired closing dates and minimum offer price before negotiations begin. Understanding the difference between your needs and wishes will facilitate successful negotiations later.

The Right Price - when you hit the market with the "right" asking price (and a home in good showing condition), you will improve your bargaining power by attracting multiple offers. With a range of potential purchasers to consider, you may drive up the purchase price, facilitate the process with a pre-qualified buyer, or negotiate more attractive terms.

Anticipate Negotiations - negotiating an offer is a fine balance of give-and-take. It is always a good idea to provide your broker with some latitude by establishing the parameters of negotiation upfront. On what conditions are you willing to compromise? How might you enhance your offering for potential purchasers? What are your critical priorities?

Understand the Offer - accepting the Offer to Promise to Purchase is a legally binding agreement. Before you accept/reject/counter-offer, make sure you understand all the legal implications and financial obligations implied in the terms and conditions of the offer (including inspections, closing dates and financing). When considering the price, remember to factor in closing fees and associated costs to complete transaction. If you have questions or concerns, always ask before you sign!

Leverage Expertise - to ensure all agreements are in your best interest - personally, legally and financially - you must always work closely with all your real estate service partners throughout the selling process. As a Sutton real estate professional, we can offer you expert real estate counsel and a trusted real estate brand.

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